March 28, 2010

photo shoot

The sun finally came out and we had an incredible weekend of warm weather! It makes me so excited for the Spring! We took advantage of the sunny afternoon to take a few photos for the site. Here is a behind-the-scenes shot of my photo stylist. Cute, huh?!

March 21, 2010

Shhhhhh. going once. going twice.

We donated a basket of CooCubes for a silent auction at a local preschool yesterday! This put some needed pressure on us to message a launch date and finally put some CooCubes out there in the real world. It was the first time that we’ve shared our product outside of our close friends and family...hoping it got some good bids. And get this, since we included a gift certificate in the basket, we identified a launch date in April. AHHHH, that's right around the corner! Starting to get the word out.

UPDATE: Since the site has not yet launched we have not been able to fulfill on this gift certificate.  We did not know who received this so we could not make contact.  Please accept our apology and if you contact us directly we will be able to fulfill your order and add a special gift to to thank you for your patience. There are 2 outstanding gift certificates that we are aware of.