May 30, 2013

One of These Things is Not Like the Others

 I stepped over this today...

and to see both of my daughter's faces amongst the plastic toys made me do a double-take.  Then I squealed realizing the affect CooCube had on me as a customer. Great inspiration for the never-ending work towards launch - which is getting so close! We have some exciting news coming within the next few weeks. Brace yourself for the countdown :) 

musical inspiration for today:  a blurb from Jenny and Tyler's  "Song for You"
"my voice you didn’t know, didn't know
i called you had to go, had to go
back to your little worldwhere nothing is strange
you set out on your own, on your own
you said, i’m heading home, heading home
back to the life you know
neatly arranged
I have done for youeverything my love
hear my song for you"