June 6, 2010

Right Around the Corner

So Fall turned into Winter, then Winter into Spring and now it's just about Summer...and we still haven't launched?! But we are closer then ever! It sure has been a long road - a little over 3 years now - since the idea was born and I've been working towards this end goal. So it is only natural that I can hardly contain my excitement when I think about our official launch being right around the corner. Of course, I can't forget that I've been a wife, a mom, working and throw a newborn, 2 more pregnancies and some unpredictable life experiences in the mix and then I guess 3 years doesn't sound so shabby!

Here is a look at the 4 different themes that will be available when we launch! Circus Time, Forest Friends, Tiny Blooms and Handyman. These images are a piece of a mini informational PDF I just finished in anticipation of our launch. If you are interested in learning more about the CooCube product you can download it right here. Enjoy!!

June 1, 2010

Tiny Blooms

For an adorable little girl and her upcoming first birthday!  Isn't she so stinkin cute?!!!!