June 18, 2013

Why Indiegogo? It's Simple

I set out to use Kickstarter as our campaign platform.  I am now using Indiegogo. 

Why? It's simple -  Kickstarter had this guideline:  Creators cannot promise to donate a portion of funds raised or future revenue to a cause.  And, well - I wasn't willing to give this up - its at the core of who CooCube is.  So Indiegogo it is! From the start, a portion of our proceeds will be supporting the Judah Quy Home for Precious Little Ones.  Located in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, the home is specialized for infant orphans needing intense medical intervention. In the future we hope to refine a model in which customers can see exactly what they have contributed to - whether it be medicine, school supplies, food, shoes, clothes, or special-needs diet items (just a few things on the list of needs from Judah Quy).  We also are looking forward to expanding our support to other worthy organizations. 

And while we are talking about simple - remember that book I mentioned - Start Something that Matters? Blake Mycoskie, founder of Tom's Shoes (One for One:  for every pair of shoes sold a pair goes to a child in need), challenges his readers to answer the following questions in one sentence or go back to the drawing board. He calls it THE SIMPLE PLAN.

So here it goes...


What is your business about?
CooCube is about enabling people to create beautiful things - meaningful/safe products and hope to children in need. 

What do you want to be known for as a person?

I want to be known as a successful servant leader that encourages people to be the best version of themselves. 

What social cause are you seeking to serve?

I am seeking to serve children in need by helping to restore hope and beauty to broken lives (partnering with orphanages and anti-trafficking organizations)

Help us "Start Something That Matters".  Please consider contributing to our Indiegogo campaign.  We can't do it without you. You will enable us to get off the ground by pre-ordering your CooCubes tomorrow!  It's the perfect, meaningful gift for that special little one in your life. 

If you can't contribute now, please consider supporting us by helping to spread the word. 


1 comment:

  1. WOWEEEEE! I'm blown away by your enthusiasm and diligence!!!
    I really should not be surprised. You both have the energy of hundreds to set, work, and reach your goals ---- and what a goal it is!!!!
    Jim and I will certainly support you in any way we can. Hugs to you both!