September 29, 2009

Our First Order!

I just completed my first official order! My friend Stacey threw a baby shower for her sister and she wanted to gift CooCubes. My website isn't officially up yet so I sat with Stacey one night and helped her design her own set. She kept them neutral with the 'Circus Time' theme, spelled 'OBERTO BABY' and included pictures of her family along with the ultrasound picture. What do you think?

I was super excited and really nervous- this is the first time that people other then close friends and family would see them. Would people like CooCubes?

Guess what – they were a hit! She even ended up giving my information to a few people who inquired. So I threw up a quick “coming soon” page. This way I can let people know when I officially open. Hop on over here and check it out.

Thank you Stacey for my FIRST real order!

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