February 2, 2013

I'm Back

Remember me? Fast forward from my last post to now and my then 7 month old Logan is now 2!  WOW!

And meet Ethan (now 9 months) – the newest addition to our beautiful family!

I have to admit it’s a little embarrassing reading my previous posts and knowing I haven’t yet realized this dream. But the dream is still there, even though is been a longer and more unexpected path then what I had thought.  So bear with me. I’m back with hopes to complete what was started. My hubby and I have been busy paving the way and creating space to pursue CooCube.  We’ve simplified our life by downsizing to a small fixer-upper home that we’ve finally made our own. This made it possible for me to resign after my maternity leave just this September.  I’ve been contracting since to get us over the hump but am now transitioning to focusing on launching CooCube.  The reality is that this is scary. These are big decisions. It’s uncertain. But on the positive side I am excited and full of anticipation. I have a great product that I am excited and passionate about.  I’ll never know if I don’t try. So here is goes. 

I’ve decided to create a Kickstarter project.  It’s a really neat way to get my idea out there to see if there is any interest.  It is a funding platform to support creative ideas. I put out my idea and request backers to support me.  If I get enough backers and reach my monetary goal – I then can fulfill on my intent to finally launch my website.  I gather I’ll know if this is worth pursuing.  The scary part is asking the question and waiting on the answer…but I guess that is what faith is all about.  But it’s not a magic button or an easy task.  The preparation begins with a long to-do list to get it going.  Lots of brainstorming, sample making, picture taking, video producing in my near future. I’ll keep you posted on the boring details as I move forward with this. My goal is to launch the campaign in MarchHere goes nothing…

“I close my eyes, breath in deep. Yesterday is gone. Today I can see. Oh Today I can see. My my my my for the very first time I wave goodbye to what used to weigh me down. Oh my my my everything’s alright. The sun is shining down. I’m looking all around and this is just so beautiful.”

from this week’s "theme" song (This is Just So Beautiful by Jenny & Tyler) 

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